Mycosynthetix owns a unique collection of fungi that are the source of a rich variety of fungal metabolites for lead discovery for medicine and agriculture.

Mycosynthetix Awarded an SBIR Grant to Work on New Tuberculosis Antibiotics

Hillsborough, NC (May 29, 2009) — Mycosynthetix, Inc., a privately-held Hillsborough biotechnology company, was recently awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for the project New Tuberculosis Antibiotics from Filamentous Fungi 한메 타자 다운로드.

This work is a continuation of an established project with Professor Scott Franzblau at The Institute for Tuberculosis Research at the University of Illinois Chicago, in which fifteen thousand fungi were evaluated for their ability to inhibit the growth of the bacterium which causes TB Great War of Nyanko. For the new project approximately sixty Mycosynthetix fungi shown to be lethal towards Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the preliminary work will be investigated further as a potential source for new medicines Ikiru download. TB is a global health threat made worse by the emergence of drug-resistance and kills someone every 20 seconds according to the latest estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) 하나님께서 당신을 통해 다운로드. TB is second only to HIV as the leading infectious killer of adults worldwide. The grant will provide funds for a one year proof of principle study which will involve scientists at both Mycosynthetix and The Institute for Tuberculosis Research Lumion 7.

About Mycosynthetix

Mycosynthetix owns one of the largest collections of fungi in the world and uses them as a source of new medicines and agricultural pesticides 십이지천2 다운로드. Mycosynthetix has established an in-house program focused on neglected diseases and in addition to the current project addressing TB, work on the discovery of new anti-malarial products is ongoing in collaboration with scientists at the University of South Florida, the University of Hong Kong and Magellan BioScience Group; this latter project is funded by the Medicines for Malaria Venture in Geneva, Switzerland Summerwars download. More information can be found at

About The Institute for Tuberculosis Research

The goal of The Institute for Tuberculosis Research is to discover and develop new effective, low-cost therapeutics for the treatment of tuberculosis Internet Explorer 9 Hangul. It comprises thirty scientists and support staff led by Professor Scott Franzblau and is housed in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Illinois Chicago Download 8k on YouTube. See for further information.

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