Mycosynthetix owns a unique collection of fungi that are the source of a rich variety of fungal metabolites for lead discovery for medicine and agriculture.

Download our article, A Microbial Pharmacy: FDA Approved Medicines From Fungi by Shannon Langdon and Cedric J. Pearce, Ph.D.

Fungal Collection

The genetic diversity in our fungus collection is available for many applications, including primary and secondary metabolites, enzymes and genes. Use our library to gain access to thousands of novel patentable compounds and enzymes. Our unique resource is ideal for discovering new medicines and agricultural pesticides, consumer products, and for enzymes. Screen our fungal extracts library already in 96-well plate format to quickly identify active leads.

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In addition to providing access to our unparalleled collection of unique fungi, we offer a variety of related services, including isolation of fungi from your substrates, fermentation optimization of lead metabolites, biotransformation of compounds, in vitro bioassays using bacteria, fungi, and endo and ecto parasites, and more. We can also provide advisory services for those interested in evaluating natural product technology for their own needs.

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Mycosynthetix fungi have been the subject of numerous peer reviewed publications. Peruse our list of recent publications to see what the library has already yielded.

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