Mycosynthetix owns a unique collection of fungi that are the source of a rich variety of fungal metabolites for lead discovery for medicine and agriculture.

Research and Development Services

Mycology and Natural Products Discovery support

As well as providing access to our extensive library of fungi, we are able to customize isolation of fungi from any substrate provided by our clients 윈도우 10 pe iso 다운로드. We are able to provide extracts prepared from strains in our fungal collection, either from our extract library, or we can produce material using customized approaches involving specific culture conditions and extraction/fractionation methods 프레젠테이션 디자인 다운로드. We currently have 55,000 fungal extracts in 96-well plates stored at -80 oC.

Fermentation Optimization

We routinely optimize the production of fungal metabolites in all of our programs using a variety of culture approaches and strain improvement How to Get Dragon3 Download. We are available to optimize fermentations of both fungi and actinomycetes products using organisms provided by our clients.

Biotransformation of substrates

We can provide microbial biotransformation investigations on your substrates of interest Sudden Attack apk.


We routinely use antimicrobial assays in many of our projects; target organisms include Gram negative, e.g., Eschericia coli, and positive bacteria, e.g 이로하스 다운로드. Staphylococcus aureus, and pathogenic fungi, e.g. Candida albicans.

We can perform enzyme assays and PAGE analysis of fungal extracts and other metabolites 위드뷰 다운로드.

Mycosynthetix has recently increased its capabilities by adding an exciting new suite of whole organism screening assays to its core fungal metabolite drug discovery program Eichmann Show.

  • The screens are conducted by scientists with 25 or more years of drug discovery experience.
  • Assays are offered to those clients with an interest in determining the activity of their pure compounds or natural product extracts against the listed parasites which cause significant disease in man and animals monster group next door.
  • The veterinary pathogens can act as surrogates for human disease targets.
  • Mycosynthetix is also evaluating the activity of its in-house fungal extract collection, and actives can be made available to parties of interest under a licensing agreement National Gymnastics video.

Internal parasites (96 well plate based)

  • Haemonchus contortus (L1 and L3)
  • Strongyloides stercoralis L3
  • Cooperia oncophora (L1 and L3)
  • Brugia pahangi (microfilaria and L3)
  • Dirofilaria immitis (microfilaria and L3

External parasites

  • Aedes aegypti larvae (96 well plate-based)
  • Ctenocephalides felis (adult/contact)
  • Rhipicephalus sanguineus (adult and nymph/contact)
  • Dermacentor variabilis (adult and nymph/contact)
  • Stomoxys calcitrans (adult/contact)
  • Haematobia irritans (adult/contact)

Assays for additional parasites can be developed at the client’s request 리패커 다운로드. Mycosynthetix can also evaluate the activity of novel compounds against parasites with known anthelmintic or insecticidal/acaricidal resistance (assuming that these strains are available) to determine any cross resistance potential of novel compounds.

All assays have been validated with known active standards. A compound is initially screened at a single point concentration, but undergoes a dose titration to calculate the EC50 if certain potency criteria are met. The client is provided with the generated data and recommendations for further testing. Mycosynthetix is very flexible with its screening regimen and can respond to individual client requests.