Mycosynthetix owns a unique collection of fungi that are the source of a rich variety of fungal metabolites for lead discovery for medicine and agriculture.

Mycosynthetix Discusses Fungi on Radio In Vivo

Mycosynthetix CEO Dr. Cedric Pearce was featured on the May 8, 2013 edition of Radio In Vivo, a weekly broadcast that features in-depth interviews with the researchers who make the Research Triangle of North Carolina one of the world’s leading hubs of scientific research and development.  In the interview, Dr. Pearce discusses the origins of Mycosythetix, the exciting role of fungal metabolites in drug discovery today, anti-cancer projects, and much more.

Use the player below to stream the program, or download the show in mp3 format.

Dr. Cedric Pearce on Radio In Vivo, May 8, 2013 on WCOM 103.5 FM

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